We invest in founders who want to help other founders be better

We invest up to $125K in tenacious founders who are eager to learn from other experienced founders and pay it forward.

Small & intimate evergreen founder community

Our investment comes with a membership to our lifelong founder community. We've so far invested in 50+ companies and more than 150 founders. Startups in XX have raised over $50M in follow-on financing.

Included with the membership are: peer board meetings, office hours and in-person fireside chats and dinners.

Peer Board Meetings

Join peer board meetings to discuss some of your greatest challenges with 4-5 other startups at a similar stage and/or industry.

Office Hours

Meet and connect with partners, mentors and other XX founders whenever you need.

Fireside Chats and Dinners IRL

Magic happens when you meet in person. We host regular events for you to meet fellow founders and other startup veterans IRL.

founders love us

"Being a part of XX was the most pivotal moment for Infiuss Health. The program completely changed the trajectory of the company. Without XX, we would never have gotten into YCombinator and closed two rounds of fundraising within four months.

The friends we made and Zoom calls we spent laughing and crying with others were invaluable. I am incredibly grateful to the XX team and would recommend XX to everyone."
Melissa Bime
“XX was a trajectory changer for both our company and myself personally as a founder. Like so many, I was building without a support system of other founders and experienced startup advisors, and while the money that XX invests is great, the community makes all the difference. The chance to work in unison with an intimate group of other startup founders, while having access to a top-tier Silicon Valley network provided a balance of motivation, camaraderie, resources, and friendship that has far outlasted the 3 months together. XX is my #1 recommendation to any early-stage builders.”
Derek Borkowski
CEO of Pyrls
"Being part of XX has been amazing. I can't emphasize enough how important it was to have a strong founder community, awesome mentors and quick funding to our early team, especially during the pandemic."
Enoch Ko
"XX was the best thing that could have happened to us as early-stage founders. They provided us with extremely relevant advice, a strong and robust network in Silicon Valley and a community of friends that cheered us on when things went well and supported us when we hit low points. XX was a major reason why we got into YC and some of the people we met at XX became our earliest investors and closest advisors. The whole team and everyone involved combine the rare feat of both being extremely accomplished and among the friendliest and most supportive people we have met." 
Mike Mahlkow
"XX transformed our startup by 10X-ing us as founders. We learned to be relentlessly iterative in finding product market fit and the weekly office hours were crucial to bringing an intentional focus and clarity to challenges, both knowns and unknowns. Most importantly, we found our people - genuine, salt of the earth, impact-driven founders who've also built tremendously successful companies. They shared the greats but also the bad and the ugly. Our mentors humanized the startup journey and continue to inspire us in expanding what we believe to be possible. We found a lifetime of people on our side through XX and would recommend it in a heartbeat."

We introduce founders to world-class mentors from 100+ companies.

"XX has built one of the strongest communities of startup founders I’ve come across. It’s large enough to include diverse founders across all kinds of industries and sectors, but because each cohort is small and carefully selected, it very much feels like a family. XX has also managed to recruit many successful entrepreneurs as mentors, who engage directly with each startup in the cohort. I recommend XX to every early-stage startup founder I meet!"  - Paul Sawaya, Co-founder of Human Interest
My time mentoring and working with XX founders has been incredibly rewarding. XX has created a better support network for early founders by cultivating a tight-knit community of uniquely determined founders that are also compassionate and caring people. In a time when our socially distanced world has gone remote, XX is bringing entrepreneurs back together and empowering us as we pursue our wildest dreams.” - John Waldeisen, Co-founder of Lucira Health


We invest between $50-125k on an uncapped SAFE. We invest year-round and invest in ~10 companies per quarter. We keep our community small and intimate so that you can get personal mentorship and build stronger connections with other founders.

What’s the time commitment with XX? 
We know your time is best spent with your company and your customers. We built XX to be your home base, not to be in your way. Once you receive an investment from XX, you’ll be matched with 4-5 other companies at a similar stage and/or industry and together you’ll have a monthly peer board meeting to discuss some of your greatest challenges. Everything else we do is stuff that you’ll always have available but never scheduled in your google calendar. 

What kind of companies do you invest in?
We invest early — in pre-seed and seed and we are looking to invest in founders who are serious about taking their startup to the next level.

Generally, we invest in big markets. We’re industry agnostic but we’ll only back teams that can articulate their vision, convince us of their company’s potential and teach us about the market and its potential to grow 100-1000x.

Over the past three years, we noticed that the best founders are those that are eager to learn from more experienced founders and pay it forward. We want to fund more founders like this.

How do I join XX?
Joining XX means receiving an investment from us. We like meeting founders through referrals but we also accept applications. Share your company with us through this form.

What’s the relationship between XX and Wefunder?
XX was originally created at Wefunder to invest in and support early stage founders. XX companies are not obligated to raise on Wefunder but we believe that community rounds will become the norm for many great startups. For example, Immersed raised $9M+ on Wefunder from their community after getting an investment from XX.


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