Funding and mentorship for early stage startups

Each startup we accept will receive $70,000 in immediate funding, in return for 2% equity. We spend 12 weeks working on the fundamentals of early-stage startups, such as Product/Market Fit and pitching to investors.

We invest in builders who are just getting started.

We are often the first to believe and invest in the founders in our program. We look for teams that can build products, talk to customers and adapt quickly. 

XX focuses on the fundamentals of startups. 

We are a team that originally started out of Wefunder in 2018. XX is now a live fund that runs multiple programs every year. Our goal is to invest in 20,000 early stage startups over the next decade. While we still have a ways to go, we have backed 40+ companies in our first two years - helping startups launch, fundraise and join other programs like Y Combinator. 

We're a team of startup veterans, including fellow founders, investors and YC alumni.