$50,000 investment and 10-week mentorship in San Francisco

We invest in builders who are just getting started. XX's Cohort #6 applications are now open.

Join over 150+ founders we've invested in!

What We Do

10-week mentorship from world class mentors

We modeled our program after Y Combinator's early days. The cohort will be small -- no more than 12 companies -- in order to cultivate a tight knit founder community. You'll hone your product, refine your pitch and iterate at lightning speed... with ongoing support from us and your XX peers. You'll probably make a lifelong friend or two.

Our program is structured around weekly group show & tells, one-on-one office hours with mentors and fireside chat with founders who've grown successful companies.

Work with world class mentors

Each startup will be paired with a personal mentor who will hold them accountable each week, help solve bottlenecks rapidly, and ruthlessly focus on 'the most important thing'.

Fireside chat with founders

We host weekly fireside chat dinners with accomplished founders (sometimes breakfast with Airbnb's CTO) about the highs & lows.

Small and intimate cohort

Meet with your small cohort of founders who'll inspire and push you to be the best version of yourself. You'll find your crew for life.


What founders say about us

"XX was the best thing that could have happened to us as early stage founders. They provided us with extremely relevant advice, a strong and robust network in Silicon Valley and a community of friends that cheered us on when things went well and supported us when we hit low points. The program was a major reason why we got into YC and some of the people we met at XX became our earliest investors and closest advisors. The whole team and everyone involved combine the rare feat of both being extremely accomplished and among the friendliest and most supportive people we have met." 

Mike Mahlkow

CEO of Blair (XX Cohort 2)

"XX transformed our startup by 10X-ing us as founders. We learned to be relentlessly iterative in finding product market fit and the weekly office hours were crucial to bringing an intentional focus and clarity to challenges, both knowns and unknowns. Most importantly, we found our people - genuine, salt of the earth, impact-driven founders who've also built tremendously successful companies. They shared the greats but also the bad and the ugly. Our mentors humanized the startup journey and continue to inspire us in expanding what we believe to be possible. We found a lifetime of people on our side through XX and would recommend it in a heartbeat.

Rui Su

CCO of MedMe Health (XX Cohort 3)
People You'll Meet

Previous Speakers & XX Mentors

Tracy Young (Plangrid)
Nate Blecharczyk (Airbnb)
Justin Kan (Twitch)
Bill Clerico (WePay)
John Waldeisen (Lucira Health)
Erica Johnson (Modern Health)
Ricky Yean (Flow Club)
Immad Akhund (Mercury)
Paul Sawaya (Human Interest)
Laks Srini (Zero Down)
Nish Bhat (Color Genomics)
Nicky Goulimis (Nova Credit)
Jon Dishotsky (Starcity)
Julia Collins (Planet FWD)

and 100+ more!

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Ask Us Anything


What's the format like?
Almost all your time will be spent talking to users, building your product and staying healthy. That's why our program is designed to cut out anything that's unnecessary. Your typical week will consist of:

1) Lead Mentor Meeting: Weekly meeting to work through current priorities,
2) Cohort Mentors: On-demand meetings with our cohort of founder mentors,
3) Show & Tell: Group presentation and discussion with fellow startup founders, and
4) Guest Speakers: Focused workshops or fireside chats with experienced founders

What % of my company will you take?
We invest $50,000 on a SAFE for 2% equity.

Why only 12 startups?
We like a family vibe, not a startup factory vibe. We select a select group of founders so that our office hours and fireside chats are effective and intimate.

What if I live outside of the US? 
That’s fine, as long as you can be in San Francisco for our 10-week cohort. Previously, we have invested in founders from 12 countries.

We require startups to incorporate in the US or Canada.

Is the cohort in person?
Yes, this cohort will be in-person and founders will be required to be in San Francisco for our 10 week program. We meet once a week in San Francisco for our group Show & Tell, fireside chat dinners and 1-on-1 office hours.

We will make sure all events are run safely and follow Covid guidelines. You must be fully vaccinated to attend XX events.

I’m not sure I’m ready. What should I do? 
We encourage you to apply anyway! We’ve accepted founders with just ideas who immediately got accepted into Y Combinator after.

Do I need a technical cofounder? 
Startups with a technical cofounder will have more leverage. We expect founders to be talking to users and building fast throughout the 10 weeks and that’s difficult without a technical cofounder. We’ll sometimes make exceptions. 

How much will this cost me?
It costs nothing. We provide $50,000 in investment so you can focus on building your startup.

This program is awesome and I want to be involved as an advisor.
Awesome - we've been looking for you too. If you'd like to be involved, email jiwon@xx.team.

Meet the Humans at XX

XX Team

Jiwon Moon


When you're starting something new, you just need one person who believes in you. They show you they care and believe in you by sharing their time and attention. This person makes you think that you're capable of anything you've set out to do. This is what I want XX to be.

Nick Tommarello


When I look back on my career, I remember the first investors that believed in me. Who not only invested their money, but their time and wisdom. They made me who I am today. (Thank you, Bill!) I believe thousands more founders could start great companies, if only they are given a small nudge at the right time, from the right person. That's what I want to do with my life.

Gadi Borovich


I can’t imagine doing something more fun and interesting than XX. It is a selfish opportunity to become friends with some of the most formidable people out there and play a small role in their lives. XX is the biggest privilege of my life.

Daniel Ha


My first startup was made possible with the help of great mentors around me. From founding the company to exiting, I was supported and inspired by people who wanted to see me succeed. For me, this is what the startup community is all about. It's certainly what XX is about -- and it's allowed us to invest in great companies founded by even better people.

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