XX Community Commitments

We believe that the best founders constantly give and receive mentorship. This makes all of us stronger as entrepreneurs, operators and leaders. As a member of the XX community, your dedication to this ethos is the foundation for what XX is about and how it will continue to grow as a resource for founders.

The following are your commitments as a member of the XX community:

1. Be a Mentor

You’ll be asked to keep limited “office hour” slots open. Good availability would be a total of 90 minutes (or more) per month. We’ll share your background and topics of interest and expertise with the community.

2. Join a Peer Board Meeting

Every season, we'll match you with 4-5 fellow founders at a similar stage and/or industry. You'll meet on a regular basis (either once or twice a month) to share and discuss your current challenges and become better founders in the process.

Other opportunities to help

As you spend time with new founders and new ideas, you’ll learn more about yourself and your company.

Here are some other ways that XX members participate:

- Pitch Practice: Listen to founders pitch their company and provide feedback so that they get better.

- Fireside Chats: Get interviewed about your startup journey in front of new founders. Tell your story and share your wisdom.

- Dinners and Events: We’ll keep you in the loop about dinners and events that XX is throwing. XX will plan at least one in-person event per year so you can meet people IRL.

- Workshops: You’ll be asked to prepare and present a workshop. Workshop will be a startup topic of your choice (fundraising, hiring, growth, marketing, branding, community, etc.), as well as a brief context about your startup journey.

You can also read our Ethics Guideline here.